Accident/Illness at School

If your child has an accident or is sick at school, we will contact you to take the child to the doctor or home.  If you are not at home, we will try and contact you through work numbers or the emergency numbers you have given us.

Dental Clinic

Our dental clinic operates from a clinic based down by the hall. This is a shared service with other local schools. Sometimes students may have to travel to other schools in the area for treatment. To book appointments and make enquiries please phone 0800 825 583 or 09 838 1751.


Health Checks

Where parents give consent, checks are made on eyesight, hearing and general health. Our Health Nurse checks all new entrant children at the first opportunity. If you have any concerns about student health, please contact Mana Kidz who you can leave a message for at the office.


The school must be informed if a student has any medical condition e.g. allergies, asthma, and/or requires medication during the school day. Parents are required to complete a form and the nurse will contact your child’s doctor for confirmation.