General Expectations


Student achievement is at the heart of everything we do at Favona School. Every year, our staff and Board of Trustees monitor assessment data and use it to plan strategically and effectively. Targets to raise student achievement are carefully considered to give all students the best opportunities for success.

Targets are reported to the Board of the Trustees and the community at the end of each year. We recognise that all children are different and that we must cater for all talents and needs. We engage with students and our community to help every child to achieve to their highest potential in a wide range of learning.


We have a ‘Zero Tolerance to Bullying’ policy. 

Vandalism or theft – offenders must pay for damage that is intentional or caused through inappropriate behaviour.

  • Students may only use school phones with staff permission and for a legitimate reason

  • No chewing gum/bubble gum or fizzy drinks

  • No clothing with offensive language or graphics

  • No hats/caps to be worn inside

  • No tackle rugby, (touch only) unless supervised by a teacher

Bicycles and Skateboards

The Ministry of Transport does not recommend that children under 9 years of age ride on the roads, therefore only Year 5 and 6 children may ride bicycles to school unsupervised. Students riding bikes to school Must Wear a Safety Helmet. In the interests of safety, bicycles, skateboards and scooters may not be ridden within school grounds before school, during school hours, or after school before 3.15pm, (other than on specially designated days’).

Change of Contact Details

Please let classroom teacher/school office of any changes which could affect your child’s performance at school, e.g. poor health, change in family circumstances, death of a relative etc. Please notify the school office of any changes in your personal contact address, phone numbers and emergency contact details, or update via our online form.

Enviro School

We are currently exploring and developing ways we can use sustainable practices in our school and learning. Respect is a key value, and learning how to respect and care for our environment needs to be woven into all that we do.

Leaving School

If a child is leaving Favona School permanently, please notify the office in advance.

Lost Property

Please name your children’s clothing. We cannot easily find owners for lost property if the items are not named. We keep lost property for a limited time – please look for your child’s lost property asap.


All students can borrow books from the school library. All classes have a timetabled library session each week and the library is open during the lunch hour. Students can take books home when they have signed the Library Treaty. If books are lost or damaged, you will be required to pay the replacement cost. The library opens at 8.30am on Tuesday to Thursday, Parents and guardians are welcome to use this time to read with your children.

Physical Education/Sports

Physical activity, physical education and sports are an important part of the learning programme. Teachers provide opportunities for students to have regular, quality physical activity.

Reporting on Students Achievements

The school reports on student achievement at regular intervals through the school year. Parents are also invited to meet with teachers twice each year to discuss their children’s progress. Our doors are open at any time for you to discuss concerns about your children’s progress. If you wish to do this, please make an appointment through the office, or email your child’s classroom teacher.

Newsletters will be sent home to inform you when Goal Setting Conferences and Parent Teacher interviews are taking place. You will be required to enter a code to make the appointment, codes will be on the newsletter. You can book an appointment with your child(ren’s) teacher(s) via the web address below or you can contact the school office and they can help by booking the appointment for you School Interviews


As you do at home, we expect a high standard of behaviour from our children at school. We always try to keep parents informed and will contact you to come and discuss any issues which may arise. It is good for parents and teachers to work together.

School Trips and Visitors

Throughout the year, classes organise a variety of educational visits and visitors to enhance the teaching and learning programme. We encourage all pupils to be involved.

Student Property

The school cannot accept responsibility for personal property such as toys, tablets, iPad and computer games if these are brought to school.

Tikanga Maori

Tikanga Maori is an important part of the learning programme. We strongly uphold the bicultural heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand at Favona School, and are constantly exploring ways to support and strengthen learning, understanding and practice. We also offer students the opportunity to participate in our school kapa haka group.

Valuables  |  Money

Students should not bring money to school unless specifically required for lunch orders, trips and stationery.  Please put money in a sealed envelope with yours child’s name and room number on.


All visitors to the school must go through the office first and sign in the VisTab tablet this will print out a badge that you are required to wear for the duration of your visit. This is a safety requirement. In case of fire or other disaster, it is necessary for the school to be able to account for all personnel on site.