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Dear parents, caregivers, and families

We are now at Level 4 of the COVID-19 lockdown.

We want to keep the learning for our students going during this time. Please find below some useful learning activities your child can do at home. If you have any questions at all, please contact your child’s teacher through email and they will respond in time.

Thank you for your consideration of others at this time.

If you have any questions at any time about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher on the addresses below.

Please keep safe, and show kindness as we navigate our way through this challenging time.

Whaea Apii: apiim@favona.school.nz

Whaea Elisha: elishap@favona.school.nz

Whaea Keryn: kerynj@favona.school.nz

Whaea Luisa: luisam@favona.school.nz

Whaea Ria: mariaf@favona.school.nz

Whaea Ashweni: ashwenir@favona.school.nz

Whaea Joy: joylyni@favona.school.nz

Whaea Andrea: andreal@favona.school.nz

Whaea Parvinder: parvinderk@favona.school.nz

Whaea Cindy: cindyi@favona.school.nz

Whaea Ilaise: ilaisem@favona.school.nz

Whaea Sally (Junior School Leader/SENCO) sallyb@favona.school.nz

Whaea Sari: sarim@favona.school.nz

Whaea Anna: annav@favona.school.nz

Whaea Morea: moreal@favona.school.nz

Whaea Grou: selinag@favona.school.nz

Matua Tony: tonym@favona.school.nz

Whaea Miria: miriak@favona.school.nz

Whaea Rubie: rubiey@favona.school.nn

Mr Lautner (Senior School Leader): benl@favona.school.nz





Room 13 Class Blog

Room 19 Class Blog

Learning at home | Years 1 – 4

Atamarie Rohe Tui,

Here are some ideas that I have got from my Reading Recovery tutor, Nicki.

Reading and writing stories.

For families with devices, below are some wonderful links where children can listen to appropriate stories.  Copy and paste them into your search bar, if you are unable to click on the link.

  • The audio section of Hei Listen! has short segments of children reading their own compositions:


  • A link to the audio of Ready to Read books could be used with or without the text.  Children can at least hear the stories being read so when they return to school, they will be familiar with the characters and plot.  You might want to tell parents which colour in the colour wheel to click on.


Picture books read aloud for young children can be found at the following sites.

  • Many of us will remember listening to children’s stories on Radio NZ on a Sunday morning: storytime.rnz.co.nz
  • On this American site, parents can find books suitable for 6-year olds.  US grades are used as guides (kindergarten = year 1 NZ, grade 1 = year 2 NZ, grade 2 = year 3 NZ). The text appears at the bottom of the screen as American actors etc read the book: storylineonline.net/

Our junior learners can find some learning activities here.

We Are Teachers

Sight Words

Hard Copy Learning Pack (Tui)

Week 8 Year 1 & 2 Home Learning Pack

All our Year 5 & 6 students have access to their OneNote account. Teachers will be uploading content directly into student’s files for reading, writing, maths, inquiry, and te reo Māori daily. Teachers will assign students work and check work outcomes to ensure learning is continuously happening for these students. Students can access their accounts using the following steps…

  • Go to office365.com
  • Log in (in the top right corner)
  • Click on “OneNote” when logged in and at the apps page
  • Click on “Class Notebooks”
  • Click on your room numbered notebook
  • Access your material

Some other useful sites to access for learning are…

Learning at home | Years 5 – 8


Story online

Library of Congress 

Get Epic!

Time Magazine (for kids)



Typing Club (learn how to touch type)


Brick Wall challenge

The Mathematics Shed

Authentic Maths Experiences 

Digital Maths Tools


ST Maths


Times Tables.co.nz


Hard copy learning pack (Kotuku: Yr 4-6)

Week 8/Week 1 Learning Pack

For learning activities that work across all year levels, these sites are a great reference.

PB Kids

Star Fall

National Geographic (for kids)

Khan Academy

Squiggle Park (reading)

Mystery Doug (inquisitive minds/thinking and questioning)

Home Learning Activity Board

Also, with support, advice, and activities from the Ministry of Education

You can help your child’s learning every day, by supporting and encouraging them and being excited by their learning. Here are some ideas to keep them developing their literacy and numeracy skills at home. Have a look at the year group for your child and have fun.

Ideas to help with reading, writing, and maths