COVID-19 Update

Kia koutou. We are really excited to be welcoming your children back to school on Monday, and if you have 5 year olds who have been organised to start with us, we are looking forward to welcoming them also. Just to clarify, if you have a child who is about to start at Favona, and we haven’t organised this with you yet, we are recommending that we start visits to school in the second week back at school, so that everyone is settled into our new Level 2 routines first. We want new students to come in and have the best possible school experience, once everyone is relaxed and confident about how things work at Level 2. If we have already organised for your child to start with us, then we look forward to seeing you on Monday. Thanks

Life everywhere at the moment seems to be all about queues, so here is some information to help keep queues short in the afternoon, for parents who will be picking students up from school during Level 2.

To avoid too much traffic blocking Cardrona Place, (the road that the hall carpark is off), Our Year 1 and 2 students will be packed up and waiting to be picked up from the hall entrance, from 2.30 each afternoon. We recommend that you don’t try and park in Cardrona Place for afternoon pick ups. It will be best to come early, to pick up at 2.30, or come between 3.05 and 3.15 pm to pick up. The hall carpark will be closed, so we can use it as a space for parents to wait while their child is being called. We recommend you try and park on Wakefield Road, around the bend, by the shops, or on Gadsby Road and walk across to get your child.

Update: Tuesday 12 May 2020

Now that  we have the official announcement from  the government about the move to  COVID-19 Level 2, from Thursday, we are excited to  be planning for the return of our students to  Favona School from Monday of next week.
The key principles for Level 2 are to:
• reduce the risk of anyone getting infected in the first place
• ensure the school has details of every person who comes into the school, so we contact people if a case of COVID-19 occurs at our school
• understand that Level 2 is not business as usual. School will look different in Level 2, with  some restrictions in place to  keep our children as safe as possible.
The main points to  remember-
  • School will be open to  all students from Monday 18 May.
  • If your child is unwell in any way, (even a sniffle,) they must stay home. If a child comes to  school with  any signs of illness, they will be sent home immediately.
  • To  keep our children as safe as possible, the school grounds will be closed to  everyone apart from  staff, students and essential visitors. Students will be dropped off at the gates before and after school and wait in the hall until they  can  be taken  to  class by a staff member. Students will be able to enter the grounds from  the hall gate from 8am, and classes will be open from 8.30 am.
  • School will finish at 3 pm. Parents of Year 1 and 2 students will need to  wait at the hall gate in the afternoon, to to be admitted to  pick up their child from  the hall. Social distancing will apply, the same way  that it works at supermarkets, for example.
  • All parents wanting to  pick up a student at the end of the day will need to  do  this at the hall gate.
  • The hall carpark will be closed to  cars, so  that  we can  get students in and out of the school grounds safely during Level 2.
  • Teachers will not be providing on line learning on Friday 15 May, as they will be preparing for in class learning.
  • Please send your child to  school with  a named water bottle each day, as the drinking fountains are currently closed.
  • If your child was loaned a school device during lockdown, please make sure they bring it to school on their first day  back. We need these devices returned so  our students can learn digitally at school.