Strategic Plan 2016 - 2018




















Strategic Plan Favona Primary School 2009 – 2011 continued

National Education Priorities

7. Hauora (NAG 1 / 5)

8. Curriculum (NAG 1)

9. Policy/Self Review (NAG 2 / 6)

·         To take part in “Health Promoting Schools” and review Favona’s practices.

·         To continue to provide a safe environment emotionally and physically through sound behaviour plans + sports programmes.

·         To continue to upskill and update teachers in the various components of the National Curriculum through P.D.

·         To adapt programmes to comply with the 

      Revised National Curriculum.

·         To develop and monitor the schools Strategic and Annual Action Plans in all areas of the schools operations.

·         To ensure ongoing programmes of self review and policy review.

·         To continue BOT training to enhance quality Governance capabilities.

·         To review with NZC developments.

10. Personnel (NAG 3)

11. Finance (NAG 4)

12. Property (NAG 4)

·         To staff the school to reflect priorities stated in the school’s Curriculum Goals.

·         To ensure P.D. is in place, which will equip the staff to deliver quality teaching and learning programmes.

·         To establish systems to ensure the BOT fulfils its role as Good Employer.

·         To allocate funds to reflect and support the school’s Strategic and Annual Plan.

·         To review internal procedures to monitor finance and expenditure.



·         Implement an efficient programme of maintenance for school buildings and facilities.

·         Develop school facilities to reflect priorities as outlined in school Charter, Strategic Plan and 5 year Property Plans.

13. Legislation (NAG 6)


·         Continue to develop systems to comply with all current legislation through Policy and Procedure.


















Procedural Information

·          Favona Primary School is a multi ethnic school, predominantly Maori and Pasifika students. Teaching and learning programmes are focussed on these students and are reflected in our strategic plans.


·          Favona Primary School consults with its community including its Maori community regularly as part of its three year cycle of self-review.


·          Targets for student achievement will be identified by the Senior Management Team and staff and presented to the Board of Trustees for discussion. Once the Board has approved the targets for the forthcoming year, they will be presented to the community prior to being submitted to the Ministry of Education. Comment and feedback will be sought.


·          Our school has a commitment to incorporate Te Reo me te Tikanga Maori into programmes where ever possible. Maori language is incorporated in programmes. This may include Kapa Haka, Te Reo Kori, and basic Te Reo Maori in each classroom. The school’s position of Maori as expressed in the school’s Strategic Plan. Pasifika cultures are also recognised and incorporated into school programmes.


·          A copy of the school’s Strategic Plan is available to parents at the School Office.


·          Favona Primary School will lodge with the Ministry of Education a copy of its Strategic Plan and a copy of its Report on Annual Targets, following the self –review meeting of the Board of Trustees held early each year.


Supporting Documentation

The following documentation supports us in fostering excellence in curriculum:

·          Curriculum Delivery Policy and Plan.

·          School Organisation Plan.

·          Annual Review of Curriculum focus Area (s).

·          Assessment Policy and Plan.

·          Special Needs Register.


The following documentation supports us in fostering excellence in teaching:

·          Professional Development Plan.

·          Performance Management System.


The following documentation supports us in fostering excellence in school organisation:

·          Self review programme.

·          Management Meetings.

·          Annual Budget.

·          Financial Management Procedures.

·          10 year Cyclical Maintenance Plan.

·          5 year Property Plan.

·          All policies and procedures.

·          Administration procedures.


The following documentation supports us in fostering positive community partnerships:

·          Newsletters.

·          Regular parental contact through telephone calls, letter and meetings.

·          Reporting to parents procedures.

·          Consultation with the Maori community.